GBT Displacement parameters

Distortional Mechanics

Distortion of Beam
Distortional Mechanics is a research topic associated with the distortional behaviour of thin-walled beams, which are so thin-walled that they cannot be assumed to maintain their cross sectional shape during axial or transverse loading. An important aspect is how to join distorting beam elements at joints.

Simple Spring Models, Generalized Beam Theories (GBT), Finite Strip Methods (FSM), Recursive Finite Elements Method (RecFEM) or conventional Finite Element Methods (FEM) are the main methods of distortional mechanics analysis.

Distortional modes of open cross section
The distortional behaviour of thin-walled beams with transverse loads involves distortional deformation, which may be described by linear elastic distortional theories. For pure axial loading there is no (first order) distortion of the cross section, however the thin-walled cross sections are prone to local and distortional buckling, which often decreases the global buckling capacity. Furthermore local and distortional buckling will also decrease the capacity for transverse loading. Both local and distortional deformation as well as buckling may often be observed during loading of the thin-walled members and due to the stable post-buckling behaviour the loading may increase until local plastic mechanisms or excess deformations occur.

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Student Projects

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